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1st Class PI is built on providing superior customer service for our clients. We specialize in process service and investigations in Colorado so your case, legal or personal, is handled with the professionalism required. Our staff is trained and reputable in order to achieve the best possible results.

Our investigations are in-depth and thorough so that all your questions are answered. We go above and beyond to treat our customers with respect, and as such, our investigations are confidential.

Our local Colorado investigators and process servers are ready to handle your case and get the results that you need. Let the professionals at 1st Class PI handle your pressing, sensitive case with the care and respect you deserve. We work alongside private individuals, businesses, and law firms so that our entire Colorado community has access to excellent investigations.

Statewide Colorado Process Servers

1st Class PI is proud to serve the state of Colorado. Our investigations and process services expand across the state so our clients can rest assured that their needs are met. We are in compliance with Colorado rules and regulations.

Process Serving

Serving legal notice of an individual's or party's involvement in a court proceeding. Process service is an integral part of due process, ensuring that case parties are aware of legal actions. Therefore, our Colorado process servers are diligent and professional when executing service of process. We serve all types of documents, from summons, subpoenas, writs, complaints, and more.


Researching individuals for employment verification, tenant or personal reasons. Our background checks review financial, personal, and work information in order for you to have a clear understanding of the person. Our background checks are thorough, but always within the confines of Colorado law.


Surveilling a location, event, or individual to gather photographic and video evidence for your claim. We are discreet, thorough, and work within the confines of Colorado's laws. Our surveillance service supports and defines our investigations so you have the supporting evidence your case requires. We use the highest quality equipment. Therefore our evidence gathering methods are rarely contested.

Social Media Investigations

Going beyond just looking at a Facebook profile. Our social media investigations scour the internet for relevant information about a subject. We check meta information, databases, profiles, and so a highly detailed picture of the individual in question is created.

Missing Persons

Searching for family or friends who have disappeared. We understand the time-sensitive matter of these cases, so we dedicate our resources and time to quickly locate your loved ones. We utilize location tactics, in-field research, interviews, to then provide detailed reports. This ensures that you are never in the dark and are a part of every step of the investigation.

Infidelity Investigations

If you have questions that your partner is cheating, we can help resolve any lingering doubts with thorough research. Our investigators are subtle when handling these sensitive cases. We establish preferred communication beforehand, so that the investigation's integrity remains intact.

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