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1st Class PI is built on providing superior customer service for our clients. We specialize in Financial Asset Recovery & Enforcement, Judgment Recovery, Nationwide Locates, and Skip Tracing. Our investigators are trained and reputable in order to achieve the best possible results.

Our investigations are in-depth and thorough so that all your questions are answered. We go above and beyond to treat our customers with respect, and as such, our investigations are confidential.

Our investigators are ready to handle your case and get the results that you need. Let the professionals at 1st Class PI handle your sensitive case with the care and respect you deserve. We work alongside private individuals, businesses, and law firms.

Judgment Recovery Investigation

What is judgment recovery?

Judgment recovery is the process of collecting money from debtors who have been commended to pay a creditor by a court.

In some cases, the debtor, or entity called to pay the damages, will hide their assets, refuse to pay, or disappear to avoid payment. Creditors, the entity to whom the money is owed, may not see their money right away or even at all, depending on the case. A private investigator with judgment recovery experience can uncover hidden assets in order to recover the debt that is owed.

What is considered a writ of execution?

A writ of execution is a judicial order granting the enforcement of a judgment obtained by a court official. If you were to issue a writ of execution, the court will order a sheriff or court officer to take possession of property or assets owned by the debtor. After the assets are seized, they are sold, usually at an auction or sheriff’s sale, and the proceeds are used to pay off the debt.

What if the debtor refuses to pay?

If you have been awarded a judgment in court, the debtor is required to pay you. The only exception is if they win an appeal by proving they do not have the necessary funds. There are various legal tools available for creditors to use in order to recover their money, including garnishment of wages, forced sale of assets, repossession, seizure of bank accounts, evictions and more. A private investigator can get you the information that will allow you to take action. They also have access to resources that allow them to quickly and accurately locate missing people or assets.

What assets does a private investigator look for?

In order to convince a debtor to pay their debt, an investigator can uncover:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Real Estate
  • Wages
  • RVs, Boats, Motorcycles
  • Security Deposits
  • Business Income/Equipment
  • Income from Third Parties
  • Rental Income

What do I need to know about judgment recovery to make my case a success?

A lot of people don’t realize that a court judgment is only an official note stating that a debt is owed by law. The court is not responsible for actually collecting the money owed. While courts can award damages and demand that companies or individuals pay you, they cannot compel the debtors to physically give you the money. Hundreds of judgments are awarded daily across the country, but up 80% of these judgments are never collected. Once you have been awarded a judgment, you have ten years to collect unless you apply to have the judgment renewed. Your judgment can collect interest, but the longer you wait the more difficult it is to recover what you are owed.

Statewide Colorado Process Servers

1st Class PI is proud to serve the state of Colorado. Our investigations and process services expand across the state so our clients can rest assured that their needs are met. We are in compliance with Colorado rules and regulations.

Financial Asset Investigations

Our trained investigators conduct research and witness interviews to determine any hidden assets that may be owed to you or your company. We can locate public records that confirm personal property, real estate, and other belongings held by an individual or corporation.

Skip Trace

Skip tracing is the act of locating an individual with no known address in order to serve them process. We use thorough research, modern databases, and proven investigative techniques to find these evasive individuals.


Judgment recovery is the process of collecting money from debtors who have been commanded to pay a creditor by a court. The courts cannot force the debtors to pay you. This is why you need a qualified investigator to get you the debt you are owed.

Missing Persons

Searching for family or friends who have disappeared. We understand the time-sensitive matter of these cases, so we dedicate our resources and time to quickly locate your loved ones. We utilize location tactics, in-field research, interviews, to then provide detailed reports. This ensures that you are never in the dark and are a part of every step of the investigation.


Our skilled staff uses our years of experience and modern technologies in order to locate an individual’s whereabouts. Whether they owe you money, are dodging process service, or are involved in other matters, we have the tools to get you the results you seek.

Service of Process

Serving legal notice of an individual's or party's involvement in a court proceeding. Process service is an integral part of due process, ensuring that case parties are aware of legal actions. Therefore, our Colorado process servers are diligent and professional when executing service of process. We serve all types of documents, from summons, subpoenas, writs, complaints, and more.

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